Our Approach

Mental Health Awareness is what you may find here! Our approach is to create a place for those who are seeking mental health resources. Although, we do not offer advice we can support you in finding alternative ways to think for yourself during difficult times. My vision is to create a unique place that those in need can be and feel supported.

Our Story

I have had multiple conversations about our story and it’s beginning. The bottom line is we have all had times when we have felt alone and did not have anyone to turn to. I would like ladies and lemons to feel like a place that you can come to were you don’t feel judged. Your secrets are safe with us. Stay tuned and subscribe to all social media sites to stay informed of things like new content,newsletters, and videos. You will learn more about our story as you get to know us. We hope that you will learn more about Mental Health Awareness along the way. Most importantly we’d loved to learn more about you. Feel free to share your story in the lemonade letter tab or the contact us area.

Nice to meet you!

Hi i’m Jenn! I’m excited that you stopped by to learn more about Ladies and Lemons along with more about me. Well, for starters I have a passion for mental health but….I also realize that everyone has regular old everyday challenges as well. Ladies and Lemons offers a variety of tips and resources to help deal some of that stuff. I also know that sometimes we don’t have the motivation or drive to fight some of those challenges alone. I have spent years and years dedicating my interest to focus and learn more about mental health. I first entered the mental health realm while delving into the human service field 15 years ago. I soon realized that this is my passion and there is no area of interest that I would like to build my expertise in.

I later learned more about the science behind behaviors while earning a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Sciences. Since I was still very intrigued I went on to earn my Masters in Clinical Counseling. I currently practice as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and a Associate in Professional Clinical Counseling (PCC). I am also a Certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP). They all have a very unique way of connecting with people and I enjoy them all. Although, you won’t see me giving advice you will get a chance to read my view points on a variety of topics.

Founder and CEO

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