9 Ways to Make You Feel Like A Empowered Woman in 2022



What makes a woman empowered?

As a woman especially those of us that lead a business we have this urge to feel empowered and to position ourselves firmly. 


What makes a woman feel empowered is different for all women.


So in this post, I’ll cover how can you feel empowered as a woman, what does it mean to be empowered, what empowers you as a woman, and more.


Keep reading. 


What does it mean to be empowered?


When I searched on Google what does it mean to be empowered, here is what I found. 


Personal empowerment is about taking control of your own life and making positive decisions based on what you want. It’s closely linked to attributes like self-esteem and self-confidence, but true empowerment comes when you convert intention into action.


But what does that mean for you?  


It’s about setting high standards for yourself, setting boundaries from the begging to position yourself firmly. 


It’s also about building up your self-confidence from the get-go, empowerment should make you feel in control and not self-controlled. 



How does it feel to be empowered?


For some women, this comes easy, as for other women it can be quite hard to build that feeling of empowerment. 


Feeling empowered comes from:

  • Making your own decision
  • Control your life
  • Own your words
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Becoming authoritative


There is more that can be added to the list but generally this what feels to be empowered. 


Since you now know what does it mean to be empowered? What does it feel like? 


Let’s talk about the 5 types of empowerment.


What are the 5 types of empowerment? And How can a woman feel empowered?


There are general 5 types of empowerment 

1- Local level 

2- Career level 

3- Family level

4- Marriage level

5- Personal level


And let’s discuss each one in a brief description 


1- Local level 

It means the power you have in your social circle. This means do you run events in your community? Do you donate often? 

Do you volunteer around?


All these contribute to your empowerment.


2- Career Level


How do you run your business?  Which place are you at in your career?


Feeling empowered in your career is one of the most challenging things because we tend to critique ourselves and compare ourselves to the competition. 


When you are empowered, competition and others related items in career advancement tend to not be the biggest concern anymore. 


The hardest part is that there are lots of competition but ideally when you are empowered in this field everything becomes easy.


3- Family Level

Being a successful woman means that you have balance in all levels.


And if you learn anything from successful women out there, they often have high empowerment within their family. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have support from your family.


 Family can be very important to some and to others who don’t have family support it can be challenging. Plenty have turned friends and support systems into their self-made version of what they call family.


Be sure to nurture those around you such as your parents, siblings, grandparents, and any other relationships that are important to you. 


4- Marriage Level

Some women feel empowered in their marriage life and some just don’t. But if you want to feel empowered in your marriage life you should always have self-esteem and have firm relationship boundaries. 


If you put these in place you will remain true to self and speak up and not rely on your husband to feel validate. Setting boundaries allows to have independence within your marriage 


5- Personal Level 

If you want to start feeling empowered then start to focus on personal empowerment.


Personal level empowerment comes from self-confidence, self-esteem, and setting a high value for yourself.  


Now that we covered the 5 types of empowerment and how you as a woman can feel empowered, let’s move on to something that will tie this whole thing together.


How to empower yourself as a woman?

Again this comes easy for some women but here are 9 ways to empower yourself when you need that additional motivation 


1- Get coached

If you’re gonna take away something from this post, take this one.


Sometimes women feel like they should do it on their own but the truth is you don’t have to at all.


You can hire a coach to help you with many things, in your career, marriage, personal life, and more. 


2- Don’t be afraid 


Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to show your true self. As a woman, we get this feeling of shame to express ourselves but if you want to empower yourself you need to express yourself more often. 


3- Learn and educate 

Have you heard that you get to learn twice if you teach? Well, this should be one way to empower yourself. 


Expand your knowledge in one area at a time, teach it to those around you to make yourself feel more authoritative.


Finish your school education or advance training if you haven’t done it already. There are so many ways that you can learn and educate. 


3- Stick to your beliefs 

We are made of what we believe in and if from time to time you change your beliefs it’s gonna be hard to be self-empowered.


But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change your belief often but it means to adjust what’s truly valuable to you and what needs to be changed.


If you believe in something that is conservational stick to it, stand up for it. Explain your motive behind that belief.


 But in none aggressive way, you should be firm when you stand up to your beliefs.


This will guarantee you empowerment and the feeling to be empowered. 


4- Become a leader

One way to empower yourself is to become a leader yourself and this doesn’t mean to do anything crazy at the beginning. But it can be as simple as running charity work in your neighborhood.


You can also run a monthly “meeting” in your neighborhood of things that can be changed.


If you think enough outside the box you’ll find so many ways that you can become a leader.


5- Say No  

If you want to feel empowered one way to do that is to say no.


And we all know saying no can be a hassle or the feeling of guilt arises but hey empowered women don’t feel guilty when setting up boundaries.


If you struggle to say no often ask yourself this question what would I love? If I say yes how will this affect me directly


This literally can change the game for you without feeling guilty or coming off offensive. 


6- Practice feeling it


I’m not saying here that you should fake it till you make it cause with this type of work because this just doesn’t work. 


What you can do instead is to practice with yourself starting with thinking positive, things like:


I feel empowered through this work

Every time I do XYZ I feel empowered.

I am me I love myself it is a great feeling to be empowered. These positive affirmations will begin to help you change your mindset.


Practice saying that to yourself every day and see how you’ll show up and begin to see changes in your life.


7- Change your mentality 

Change your thoughts about what you believe society has taught you about women, if your society does put women under a pedestal it can be hard for you to position yourself to feel empowered.


This is why it’s important to remove negative thinking and reframe how you think. Society can put so much pressure on women to look a certain way or to think a certain way. Keep your eye on the prize and limit your social media use.


8- Surround yourself 

I believe that the 5 most people you spend your time with is who you are on the inside. 


If you spend your time with women who always seem to dwell on themselves you’ll have a hard time expressing yourself.


It might be hard to walk away from such people, but you can expand your reach and find ways to find women who want to feel empowered as much as you do.  


You can find women alike through blog posts and you can choose to hang out with your nearest empowered woman.


There are tons of ways to meet different who feel just like you. Check out Facebook groups, meet up, local women’s groups, or even niche-specific groups like public speaking groups, etc.


9- Do your part


Just like you want to be treated equally you yourself mustn’t dwell or shame other women. 


And to be honest all of us fall in this trap, where we shame other women. 


But this doesn’t mean you address women who need to be addressed.


It can simply mean to compliment your coworkers about anything that you feel they put enough effort into it. 


If one of your coworkers always tries to save the day you can compliment her about that. 



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Final Note


If you decided to take at least a few points from this post, you will be in a much different place than you were before reading. 


Feeling empowered as a woman can be intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll thank yourself when you look back. 


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