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To Reshape and Rebuild confidence that may have been lost overtime through unfortunate circumstances.


Our mission is to assist women from all walks of life to regain confidence, empowerment, sense of purpose, and the necessary skills to regain inner independence that may have been lost overtime. Through mentoring, skill building, mental health accountability, seminars, relationships, and education; we strive to change the mindset of survivors.


The L.E.M.O.N.S  program is a collaborative effort to teach women skills that are needed to succeed in life by mentoring and teaching about various topics. Free workshops and seminars will allow women to gain a skill set in a variety of topics from starting a business, marketing, higher education, and emotional regulation.  Our program is suitable for women who are in search of self-discovery.


  • Mentoring

Our mentor-ship program is designed for women who are in need assistance in preparedness in setting and achieving realistic goals.

  • Skill Building

Our skill building program is designed to assist with learning the necessary skills to learn, manage, and apply. Women will learn how to engage in social interactions, speaking engagements, regain empowerment, self esteem, and explore self-discovery.


  • Other Services

We offer NAMA certified court approved anger management classes at a discounted price through an affiliated sponsor. (Must meet qualifications ).

  1. Anger Management Court ordered low-cost – Our affiliated sponsor meets the anger management qualifications and is NAMA approved. 
  2. Batterers Intervention Program Classes at discounted price.
  3. Mental Health Resources

Types of Donations accepted

In Kind, Grants, Monetary

for more information please contact info@ladiesandlemons.com