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Pamper yourself just a little

Nothing can turn around your day any better than just spending a little time with yourself. Many may think it’s important to go to a spa, get a high end massage or shop til you drop. One of the best things I could ever do for myself was to invest in a few must have items that I can make myself feel like a million bucks. Not only are these products affordable they really work. Feel free to review my ideas for a at home special relax day below.

This Roller can easily be used to de-puff around the eyes or other areas. It also helps with giving a gentle massage. I like to use it for a small sinus massage.

Not only is this head band super cute. It fits great and it holds all of your hair out of your face while your doing your facial or other techniques.

Now is this mask really 24k gold who knows… but it works great i’m already on my 3rd container. I can notice that my skin is much brighter. Take a look at the reviews.

This little steamer is perfect. It is small enough not to take up so much space and big enough to get the job done. It takes a very short time to actually warm up. Trust me on this one.

This little towel warmer is not really a must have, but it is if you like to sit in silence with a warm towel on your face.

I like to aid warm massage oil in this little gem and it feels great on the skin

This oil has pineapple extract in it said to have pain relieving components in it. I love this stuff and I use it regularly.

These are Biotin Drops that taste like vanilla. Biotin is said to have components that restore your skin, hair, and nails. I take these everyday personally.

Collagen is something we lose overtime as we age. Think of this as a way to replace with you lose.

Something Fun to do if your into nails

I love to put all my mask that I get from Lush. I love that store you can also order their mask online.

This roller is good if you like serums. It helps you make the best out of your products and helps the skin to absorb them.

I normally don’t follow trends but I do happen to take shots of apple cider vinegar often. So, I said i would try these out! anything is better than the shots. Besides these are yummy and are said to have tons of benefits.

Now this is just a regular facial brush. I feel that it is a gentle way to exfoliate your skin. I use my Clarasonic Mia 2 a few times a week and I use this at least 2 times a week as they both have a variety of attachments.

Last but certainly not least is this Nu-Face Mini. I have the Full size NuFace but the mini will work just fine. They are a bit expensive but it really works.

I also would like to share that you should do your research on these products if you decide to utilize them. These are merely the products that I love and I will not be held responsible for any results as they vary from person to person. Until then treat yourself!

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