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Staying Dry this Summer

I know I know …. This summer there are far more important things to worry about than boob sweat.  But…….we have to admit that boob sweat really exists and it’s here to stay.  As a quite busty gal myself  I have found some great items to use for help.  Through the course of my personal trial and error I feel absolutely confident with these items and I’m pretty sure you won’t waste your money.

Nothing is more embarrassing than boob sweat and the smell can be a little embarrassing as well. I just want to dive into the products I use personally and how you can stay fresh and clean this summer.  It’s going to be a hot one.  You may or may not be in a state that you are required to wear a mask but if you are at least you can be confident in the scorching heat this summer and stay dry.

Under boob sweat list

Fresh Breast ………. Fresh breast is like a liquid product that dries into a powder.  It smells like baby powder.  The only thing with this one is that it does not dry clear.  It is supposed to dry into a silky-clump free powder. You can also apply it as often as you like. It dries smooth but not clear.  It wouldn’t be ideal for the beach. BUT it works trust me on this one. 

Lady Anti Monkey Butt …… I know a funny name right ? This little gem absorbs sweat and minimizes friction.  It has calamine and cornstarch in it. It also happens to be talc-free.  The smell reminds you of skin so soft by Avon.  This is okay for sensitive skin also.

Carpe Breast is another one that I like and you can also use it in other areas that have folds.  This one does not have much of a scent but it reminds you of an ointment of some type.  This product worked fine for me but before purchasing I read that someone said it burned. It worked just fine for me so do your research.

Lume Deodorant is one for underarms and other private areas.  It is a natural deodorant that can pretty much be used everywhere… armpits, butt cracks, underboobs, you name it.  It doesn’t have any aluminum, baking soda, and is paraben free.

For chafing you can try out….

Body glide for Her… this is an anti chafe balm that works wonders, and the packaging is pretty cute. 

Monistat of course also has a chafing relief powder

Chub rub is by far one of my favorite and probably the less in-expensive

You can also try triple antibiotic ointment in your folds if you happen to accidentally scratch yourself in any area that you may have broken the skin.

For femine vaginal hygiene I try to stay away from fragrances if possible.

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