Celebrate You!

Reasons to celebrate yourself

Celebrating life means to be fully grateful for being exactly who you are. We often lose touch with the small things in life.  We forget to remain humble and give gratitude often.  It does not have to be a huge high of life in order to  celebrate.  The small things are just as important. COVID- 19 has motivated me more to celebrate right now more than anything. It has taught me that we can’t take things for granted and this life is one that is worth living to its full capacity no matter what situation that you are currently in. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu ...

It’s time to put the small things in front of you and the sad things aside.

  1. You’re not perfect! No one is, we are all just trying to figure it out.   There are plenty of things that may have gone wrong this week in your life. But if you’re reading this it’s apparent that you have found a few good things, and you are at least looking for some peace of mind. Celebrate the fact you are wise enough to overcome obstacles, and seek a little guidance when needed. Celebrate the good things that you accomplished this month. Was it cutting back on soda, and shedding a few lbs?  Even if it was 2 lbs, celebrate it! Like the quote says “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step”.

  • Brag a little.  Many people hate to talk about themselves when things are going right! Let’s be realistic if you wanted to have a pity party the guest list would be full.  There always seems to be someone around when things are going great.  There’s another saying that goes … “People don’t mind if you are doing good as long as it is not better than them”  So, knowing that we may not always have the most positive group of friends we often downplay are awesome accomplishments. You may come across as if you are into yourself but that’s OKAY. Afterall, if we aren’t cheering for ourselves then who else needs to.

  • Stop and smell the roses.  No… Like really stop what you’re doing and smell the closest flowers to you.  Inhale the scent, and live in that very moment. Think about something special and associate that flower to it. If you’re reading this at midnight then you can opt out of going outside and settle for some aroma therapy. I like to get a variety of scents, especially lavender before going to bed. Sometimes mere scents can remind you of something special. They have scents that smell like the ocean, cinnamon, and a plethora of others. You can great your own little Utopia.

  • Print out a certificate for yourself.  I know that might sound a little corny….. but think about how you felt when you got your diploma or another reward. Think about a time when you were acknowledge and rewarded. You have to admit it’s a great feeling. We shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to recognize our greatness. We can do it ourselves! There are tons of free templates for just about any certificate that you’re looking for online.  Print it out and frame it or simply put it in a binder.  Many of us are visual people, and can easily self-motivate with a sense of reward. Who needs a reward system when you can have your own. 

  • Learn something new.  In life we never stop learning.  Ways that I love to learn is by listening to audio books, reading, and writing a variety of things. Some of my favorite people to listen and read about are Les Brown , Lisa Nichols, and Brene Brown.  Overtime, I have learned to celebrate in different ways. I also have to admit that I totally skipped out on 2 of my graduations. Graduations are big accomplishments! Although I worked extremely hard to get them, and sacrificed much when it was time to graduate I realized something. I realized that it was my accomplishment, something that I had accomplished. It was equally rewarding and equally satisfying rather I went to my graduation or not. After all, I had been to a few of my own before.


1.They will still follow through with their plans made prior to COVID-19.

2. They will continue to learn something 


3. They will become a boss babe.

4. They will encourage others to follow

through with their dreams.

5. They will implement a morning routine.

6. They will learn to meditate.

7. They will share knowledge with others.

8. They will practice self care

COVID-19 has all of us in a frenzy. We started to cancel things that we had looked forward to for so long. Don’t get me wrong our health is definitely a priority. We need to take care of ourselves and manage to find a balance between everything that is going on around us. It is important to remain focused and continue to learn more new things. Maybe you want to go back to school. Maybe your debating taking up a new trade! Do it!

Perhaps you wanted to start that blog or open that business. There are tons of things that you want to do in life don’t let these unprecedented times be a deterrent for you. Of course, we use are common sense. The economy is a little shaky at the moment so be sure to take this time to get your business in order and whenever you are ready. You will be ready to move forward.

Mornings are powerful! It is important to get up in the morning with a purpose. Every morning I wake up I give thanks to the most HIGH and then I make a plan to conquer the world. Now that hasn’t happened for me just yet but hey we all need something to look forward to.

Self-Care and Mediation…..

These two can really take your overall self-being to another place. Take time for yourself and for your body. You will thank me later.

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