Mental Health Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Here at Ladies and Lemons you will find information on a variety of topics regarding mental health.  Mental health can be one of those things that we don’t talk about enough.  Finally, more are starting to accept mental health.  You not only will learn more about mental health you will learn more about everyday topics that affect many of us.  A few things that you can expect to find here are

  • Details on Our Non-Profit Organization
  • Ways to be more Self-Disciplined
  • Working through a bad day
  • Self-Care
  • Pamper products
  • Newly Diagnosed resources
  • Becoming a Better Version of yourself
  • Facts about Psychology
  • Keys to Personal Development
  • Mental Fatigue Remedies
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Ways to Become a Happier Person
  • Laws of Attractions
  • Positive Quotes
  • Tools and Resources on mental health
  • Feminine Energy

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Carpe Diem

That’s right seize the day! Maybe your day started off rocky… flat tire, fight with your spouse, late for work… ! We all know i could go on.  Even though you had a few challenges remember the event that actually took place.  As a result, you have the rest of the day to change your mood.  We have seminars and workshops available on how exactly your are able to change your mindset.

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Conquer your Fears

Where do I even begin? We all have fears. Fears can often hold us back from accomplishing something great. Fears, simply put often makes us uncomfortable thinking about or let alone actually saying them out loud. Am I Right? Of course I am. For instance, think about something that terrifies you.  So, now think about how long it took you to change your thought to something that wasn’t so difficult. One thing that keeps me completely engaged is learning.

I love learning and i think it’s one thing that always keeps me going is learning about many different things.  There are tons of things to learn about like learning a new hobby, or taking action on  something that has been on the back burner for sometime.  I personally like e-courses there are tons of  professional e-courses out there. They keep you busy and as a result you will be learning something fun, new, and exciting.

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Our Main Message

Mental health is one of those things that we aren’t really sure how to address sometimes.  We don’t know if we should avoid it, talk to a friend, or when to really seek help.

Unfortunately, many of us avoid it cause we have fears. Fears can be from being judged, the fear of sharing your personal story with a stranger among many other things.  Here at Ladies and Lemons we aim not only to make mental health a comfortable place but we share in a more simplified manor.  Basically, this website we will help you navigate through different moods, and thoughts while learning more about yourself.  We have all heard the saying ” “When life sends you lemons, you make lemonade!”.  Well here you will find some healthy tools to help you do just that.

Next Steps…

We have plenty of tools to help guide you to a place to get in touch with your inner- self.  Self-Exploration can be a hard thing to do alone. However, getting in touch with past skeletons can sometimes help rebuild your foundation.  Self-Exploration can also challenge you to learn more about yourself and accomplish new things. Check out our shop page to purchase the Self-discovery card game, Self-Discovery Interactive 100 plus page workbook, or a self care box. (all proceeds are used to enhance the programs of the non-profit.

Call to Action

We provide many resources here at Ladies and Lemons. As we continue to grow we will offer a variety of new exciting things to assist women. We would graciously accept your donation. All Donation proceeds help us create and fund new programs. Please contact us for more information